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We are going to the incredible Maya City of Tikal

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Tikal Tour

The Magical Maya Ride

Need a Ride? We are going to the incredible Maya City of Tikal. Come with us and join the journey of your life. We will Start with a boat ride to La Ermita District where your Xibalbus will be waiting. Then after 1 hour and 30 minutes ride we will arrive to Tikal and start the guided tour. If that is not enough no problem you will have free time to enjoy the jungle by yourself.

After Tikal we will go to El Remate town to chill, swim and enjoy the Petén Itza Lake and the beautiful sunset.

Buckle Up there is no Better way to Visit Tikal!


What Is Included

Standard Tour

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Wifi On Board:

Travel connected to the world. Send emails, Check your social media or google your next destination while traveling.

Bar and Snacks Available:

Lay back and enjoy a Guatemalan Snack and beverage. All of our products are local. You can purchase with any Credit Card

Power plug:

Charge your Camera or your phone on the route we have power outlets in every seat

Workspace Seat:

We have the ideal space for you to work on the road. It’s also great for groups or, if traveling solo, to meet other travelers.

Reclining Seats:

Ideal if you’d like to sit back and relax on your journey

Solar Panels:

We integrate solar panels on our fleets roof. These power the WIFI, power outlets and refrigerator. All the electricity you consume onboard is 100% clean.


Xibalba is the underworld for Mayas therefore it wasn’t any kind of punishment, It was just a cycle between the earthly and the spiritual life.

We are a local company and we believe travel in Guatemala is a spiritual experience. We are the descendants of one of the most enigmatic Civilization in the history of humanity that is the reason we create a different way to visit Guatemala mixing our culture with a modern bus service that provides the perfect balance between comfort, convenience and safety. Not to mention it’s also environmentally friendly.

World-Class service and Guatemalan Hospitality. We believe traveling by bus should be enjoyable; and it can be.
That’s why we set out to provide high-quality, stress-free, bus rides and tours in the most vibrant cities in our country.